Toko Viral

Toko Viral

Mesin Cuci Sepatu Mini Otomatis

6. Mesin Cuci Sepatu Mini Otomatis

Rp 1.329.000 1.229.000 (Diskon 10%)


-One-button operation, convenient and simple, saving time and effort.
-Using micro-shock pulse low-voltage operation, without any safety hazards.
-Mini body does not take up space, family dormitory rental housing travel is convenient to carry.
-Intelligent washing shoes, sterilization, cleaning, non-destructive, washing shoes only 10-30 minutes, clean and fast.
-It is made of excellent wire, good durability. It has control movement chip and continuous operation for half an hour.
-High-speed rotating movement, 360° all-round brush for brushing washing.
-Removable nylon bristles.
-Can wash shoes within size 44


Rated Voltage:220V
Door Opening Method:Top opening
Drainage Method:lower drain
Washing Type:pulsator type
Washing Quantity:1-2 pairs of shoes
Size:380x380x520mm / 14.96×14.96×20.47inch
Power: 260W
Working: 10 minutes Fast Washing
Washing capacity: 4.5KG

Package Included:
1 x Shoe Washing Machine
1X Manual Book

Methods of use
1. Spray the emulsifier on the surface of the shoe first. If the shoe is very dirty, repeat the spraying. Let stand for 5 minutes after spraying. Dry the surface of the shoe with a soft cloth until the surface of the shoe is wiped clean
2. If the shoelace is dirty, you can remove it and wash it alone(you can also wash it together in the shoe machine)
3. Pour detergent or laundry detergent into the shoe bucket, add proper amount of water (water is better to cover the shoes) and put the shoe rack into the shoe bucket
4. Plug in the power start switch ( one-key start, intelligent and convenient ), and when you hear the five countdown ticks in about half an hour, your shoes will be cleaned. After the shoe washer has finished its work, go through the bubbles again with clean water